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Flight Training


Your journey to become a pilot will probably be one of the most challenging, yet rewarding experiences in life.

Whether your end goal is recreational or professional, our highly dedicated instructors at Check6Air will help you achieve your dreams. Schedule a discovery flight, or enquire about our services using the contact form below.



All students must have approval from their instructor prior to flying solo. An aircraft checkout is required with one of our instructors prior to renting the aircraft for solo or PIC use. This must be done in the same aircraft type. All pilots must be current and have logged 3 takeoffs and landings within the preceding 90 days prior to renting any aircraft.


This 2008 IFR Diamond DA40 XLS is stunning inside and out. This 4-seat aircraft comes with a G1000 avionics suite and is the ultimate training and cross-country aircraft. Once you fly this DA40, you may not want to fly anything else. 

$230 / hr   |   Membership Rate: $200 / hr

Fleet_SR 22_training_flight deck-19x12_edited.jpg


Diamond DA40 Rental Rate

Instructor Rate


40 Hours Aircraft Time

20 Hours Instructor Time

20 Hours Ground School (Approximate)


Books, Charts and EFB Subsciption

Medical Examination

Written Test Exam Fee

Practical Flight Test Fee


Total Amount


The estimates given above are based on training for a Private Pilot Certificate in our 2008 Diamond DA40 XLS. The hours shown are the minimum requirements from the FAA, and final costs are expected to be higher. According to the FAA, the national average shows that most pilots require 60 to 75 hours of flight hours to obtain their Private Pilot Certificate.













Flight training can be expensive, and the most effective way to reach your goal is to fly at least 2-3 times a week. Taking several weeks off from flying can end up costing a substantial amount more down the road, because you end up relearning your previous sessions rather than moving forward in your training. However, AOPA can help with this.



Jack Seymour



A Private Pilot certificate is the most common among pilots today. Only below 18,000' MSL, you can carry passengers and also fly at night.

Upon receiving your private pilot

license, you may only fly in VFR weather conditions (until instrument rated). Private Pilots cannot be paid to fly passengers or property. 


Waiting for the weather to improve for VFR flight can take several hours, and sometimes several days. Becoming an instrument rated pilot will allow for more options, as well as making you a much better pilot. It will have a positive outcome on aircraft insurance costs, as well as more options for both private and commercial pilots.


A commercial certificate allows you to be paid to fly. However, many jobs require a certain amount of flight hours in their aircraft type. You must obtain a private pilot certificate prior to receiving your commercial. It also requires 250 flight hours, so many students choose to use this time to  work on their instrument rating.

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